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turn to their employment ten weeks after the operation.

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and hacl had twelve deaths. Dr. Blackall gave calomel,

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the problems of indiscriminate labeling and its dangers.

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pagating factors, would indicate this. (2) Blackwater fever is

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Steiner: Ein Fall von Sarcom des Oberhdes, Centralbl. /. pk. Augenheilk., Feb.,

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suffering with glucosuria, of which he had died suddenly ; the amount of sugar

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In fifty-seven, or more than one-half of these one hundred cases,

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time frame you choose. And our Aged Insurance Claims

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on the thermal phenomena of pneumonia. (" Ueber die Tem-

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Eev. iu6d. de Toulouse, 1888, xxii, 1-11.— Billings (J. S.),

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cessive perspiration, atonic diarrhoea, spermatorrhoea,

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signs of obstruction or atonic bladder will not need

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a vial containing a solution of bichloride of mercury ;

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64 per cent, in men and 36 per cent, in women. Over half their cases

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tissues, and in a great majority of cases by caries — not always,

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Tricuspid and pulmonic lesions, as already 8tate<l, are comparatively

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dently the higlily excitable nervous temperament, of

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The youth, entering the field with new remedies and novel

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experiment. In most cases colored light was found to de-

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the Iodine-Iodide of Potassium solution, especially when the

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selected for the better positions. The common divisions into

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to duty at Fort Bridger, Wyoming. — Par. j, S. O. 102, Depart-

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myelocytic type of the disease (which see). The same holds good so

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secondary growths in the neighborhood. Tenderness and pain may be

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pulse was only a little above the ordinary standard, and the

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* Baruch, "Med. Rec.," Dec. 24, 1887, p. 787; Huss, " Brit, and

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pelled in the same manner. — ( Veterinary Journal)

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in certain parts of the skeleton, and the deposition

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motor centres as through them to produce changes in

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and when the left angiilar gjTus is invaded there is word-blindness and

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of one side of this huge polygonal and daguerreotype it for your ob-

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troversy. — Liquids. It may be laid down as a general proposition, that

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before I saw it. It was certainly most unpromising. The membrane

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luria concurring with schistosomum disease there will

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lithiasis is difficult to recognize, much more difficult is

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residence of a certain couple, two or three times a week, to etherize the

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Report of the committee on public health on malarial

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attention in the West Indies in 1789 and 90, particularly in

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erally insure a sow easy in parturition. The body should stand on

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Stockholm, 1890, lii, 730-738.— Hartelius (W.) Minuen

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the neutralization of the agent causing a chicken tumor by the serum

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suffered from the sixth to the twenty-fourth month to his teeth,

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The serum in this case was obtained from a patient suffering from