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bequeathed to it. In whatever else we may excel, we are certainly inferior to
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Regarding, therefore, the drain or system of drains as a
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Inoculations. — The parasites can be spread from one animal and
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Stimulants AND Narcotics: their Mutual Rolations; with
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fingers' tips. We must ever bear in mind that a food may contain a
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merely grazed or crushed by the shot, there will be an irreg-
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ciently large tube may be difficult, but the introduction of the finger for
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ment of the Davidson syringe allow any desired amount
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aftected ; on the contrary, I would hesitate to resort to such a
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to occur with malaria. This at first seemed to be against the ap-
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ducted in a private laboratory continuously heated.
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Barrv House was set to the Recorder. On the marriage of his
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warranted further examination, an X-ray photograph of the
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breathlessness, and palpitation of a month's duration. He was
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serum potassium levels with exercise that persisted in the
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dental sepsis it was probable that the lat- ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ .^ .^ ,;^^, ^^ ^ f^„^^,^.
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notoriety which, oblivious as Dogberry, he has there sought — a
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jobbing," but rather as the natural reward of that industry,
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Dr. A. H. Powers exhibited a series of photographs, illustrat-
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with relief, but that to have removed the left organ would
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reiterates that it is strictly accurate. This I again em-
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tion in the month of September, when the great heat is
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often used, are less convenient, and no more accurate.* Al-
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but which was said to be fresh, and had been brought that day by
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ifested themselves by definite reactions, while intervening skin
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It is my purpose to-day to occupy your attention but
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supplementation may be viewed as a resistance agent
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Splint — T/ic Telegraph in Sargerj/ — Arsenic in Vlccraiion of
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water surrounding the box which held the dog Avhose