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Activity of Gastric Juice.- H. W. Bettmarto and J. H.
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The gross appearances of the lungs differed very much from ani-
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three weeks later. In babies he assumes that the some
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persons in favour of the Botanic sysieni, as well as those
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turn with increased violence, at first every other day, but
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ovaries ; this begins eight to ten days before the sanguineous flow, and
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able to give his name himself. I tell you as a fact. (Loud
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time. Examination made on October (i showed the result a perfect one;
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oned. In Europe, where the habit of intoxication with ardent
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which such discrepancy may be obviated. By vital statistics, alone, can be
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fever. On the contrary, the distress increases, the body and face are
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should be noted that smaller doses and fewer injections were given then
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far the United Btatee. $0.60 par poor for all foreign countries be-
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bances simulating the genuine disease. His directions are very
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of the fund shall be bonded in such sum as the Committee shall deter-
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from 1910 to 1916. In 1910 cholera was transmitted from
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surface with the lime-water lotions already described, followed by the
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have before me a clipping from a Western medical journal,
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inflammation arrested and life saved, did it happen to any one
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cases an injured artery. It does not usually occur be-
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cians and Surgeons (the Columbia College School of Medi-
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pain, and was afterwards frequently resorted to for this purpose,
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2. Galin, Miles A., Baras, I. and McLean, John M. : Uses
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bulging upon the wedged side of the tube, but the bulg-
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abdominal muscles and changes the relation of organs in
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tem of poisonous matters which are capable, under favor-
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precisely similar to the one described, which also became in a few
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arsenici hydrochloricus, which, in the anaemic, can be prescribed with the
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Case 5. Chronic Ulceration of the Larynx, and partial Destruction of
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caustic to the diseased surface. Therefore potassa or chromic acid cannot
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was seen in a forty-year-old Korean physician who had
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which, in the present state of our knowledge respecting its pathological
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man studies, 'Tagamet' has been shown to have no effect on spermato-