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Diseases. By Alfred C. Coles, M.D., D.Sc, F.R.S.Edin. Third Edition.

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sufficient amount of fresh air or to excessive vitiation. It is extremely

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grammes, containing 2.6 grammes nitrogen, i. e. 17.7 per cent, of the

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compliant group has had less formal education than the non-

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incorrect by von Basch's experimental investigations upon pulmonary

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ing. On the other hand, nothing is more rofreshiiii; and

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way, to the symptoms observed ; but, on a cK>ser examination,

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slightly bent end ; (3) the organized lymph upon the

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from the intestine, and that, in certain cases, which are rarer than was once

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there is one outward mark which proclaims the disease and that is the

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servative spirit is coming over the minds of our surgical

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curate in defining the limits of the diseased areas, and

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study in their ability to send, but later their receiving-

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Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, London ; Professor of Medicine,

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water surrounding the box which held the dog Avhose

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leaves the orbit above the pulley of the superior oblique

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scratches, wherein lies its diagnostic value. In the use of thid method,

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the face, the suppressed salivation, cough, with haemoptysis, or

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Griffith, had found the operation more useful than the other speakers,

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To the thoughtful among you the speculative aspect of mod-

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gradually on till the dose was twenty drops. From the com-

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in dealing with groups and in learning to project ourselves to people

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stant and profuse uterine hsemorrhage, dependent upon the presence of

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The most remarkable effects of pleurisy result from the effusion

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white cells, 9,500. The coagulation time (by Sir A. E. Wright's coagulometer)

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The blind stump was immediately enucleated, and the unex-

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Whitaker, Paul F., Kinston; Med. Coll. of Va., 1922; U.N.C 1922 1924

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plicate rheumatism, but probably when they occur during the

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of which were crenated, totalled 6000 per cm. Direct smears of