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arrangements for the accommodation of valetudinarians, while, with
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slowly return. When it happens to be near the mucous
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The therapeutics of any disease is philosophic and scientific just in
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is an eminently sensible view of the case : " Sir : I think
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Yet in very severe infections the length of time must be increased.
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for enlistment in the army ; the average chest measure-
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fifteen weeks, and with varied degrees of severity.
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constructed to hold a maximum of 30 patients, was found to
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the absence in this disease of adhesion in the neighbourhood of the
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Office of Naval Officer Procurement in Minneapolis.
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prise of the parents, I prognosed death in from four days
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distinctness from the other components does not seem to be equal in different
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Has complained of being chilly for the past week, the chills
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rived for laying more stress on infection as a cause.
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and the eyes of a lynx. It was Euysch too who furnished
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to life. After probing this, I found that during one
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talipes equino-varus. Ibid.. 1890, Lend., 1897, ii, 17-21. —
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symptoms, the temperature reaching 105^ during the eruptive stage;
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as compared with the neighbouring parts. This portion
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firmly close the blades of the forceps, and lock them. Having done this
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opinion decidedly in favor of the dual nature of the poisons of
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features about it which might at first strike the reader as defects, but
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sick and thinks the devil is at his door, waiting for his de-
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unending anxiety and trouble from their sudden and distressing con-
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There is so much to be learned by the medical student
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§8 Dr Hamilton o?i the Utility cf Purgailve Mediclms. Jun.
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regarding the origin of glycogen may be, whether we admit its formation
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it probable that there are more muscles attached to b^ than
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alcohol lamp, a steam generator, a small, bent, conducting tube
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dorsal regions, sometimes extravasation of serum, irregular in location. The dura
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frontal plane, the boundaries of the deep cardiac dulness naturally extend beyond,
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patient breathes deeply, the vertical movements of the diaphragm
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ation of the throat is discussed, together with the various
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almost always complete ; that is, it rarely eventuates in chronic dysentery.
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