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its favour. The detail of arguments, however, to prove what

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acter of the section made is shown in Fig. 3. It was

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These investigators studied the pressure curve by an artificially pro-

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the same as, or approaching as closely as possible to, that of the glass forming

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A. C. Clark, M.D., Physician -Superintendent, District Asylum, Both-

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six months. Patient has suffered from pain sliooting up to the right

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that no movements are excited by touching the palate, base of the

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Clarke from notes of 120 cases compiled by McNaught, the ci\dl

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^^+^^ 0-004 cc. 0-08 cc. 0-20 cc. 0-29 cc. 0-31 cc. 0-31 cc. 0-31 cc. 0-31 cc. 0-31 cc.

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During the ten years of its existence it has passed through six revised

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cases, there is found a slight trace of it in the transverse colon.

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pulmonary respiration), may continue to exist, without any appearance of disturbance.

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Ur. WfLiiAM y\R.M strong's, i\o, 193, Lombard Street, Philadelphia,

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able to whisky. In the tests with these beverages he used a

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question of the precise mechanism by which the muscular fibres suffer

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sign the mortality being 91 per cent, in cases where the respir-

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Verius cogitatur Deus quam dicitur, et verius est quam cogi-

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removed to Acton, thence to Rushville, thence to Bentonville,

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P. A. Surgeon Henry G. Beyer, ordered to the U. S. S. '

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blows on his body, but he became insensible, and recollected nothing more.

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invasion of the same. The question of modus vivendi conse-

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gauze is absolutely contraindicated. On the other hand, if the

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The dropsy, which usually complicates the closing scenes of renal

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Q — inflammation on the brain, 1 — infantile, 1 — inflammation in the bowels, 1 — stillborn, 2 — intemper-

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le frequency of involvement of the tonsils, cervical

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about 50 per cent, of human beings and in about 30 per cent, of horses.

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be kept clean, and that the whole process of bread-making be placed

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Aug. l.st.— Patient failing; considerable expectora-

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muscular atrophy. Scoliosis sometimes occurs and a form of club-foot with

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part of the body, I shall proceed to those which are peculiar to certain parts.