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true of the balsam of copaiba. I have known this remedy to act almost
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Despite these difficulties, several epidemiological studies
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with good ventilation should be chosen. In summer he may be out of
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prevail over the others. Then the adult pigmented forms and the
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mechanism of spontaneous active inversion of the uterus in
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delayed. In neither flutter nor fibrillation did we find any constancy
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of the thigh. The bone was not comminuted, and the skin
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to its greater frequency in the female sex, it was my experience to
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than in others; — lie and lay. In half the clinics of the
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a greater force into the aorta than in normal conditions. The arcus aorta,
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in other cases for several hours or even days. The intermissions or remis-
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features which include a larger inside diameter for
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in the abdomen, gave him G grs. of calomel with rhubarb, and or-
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into the world at this time presented by the face with
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as much as he can, and get all he can by it. The professional
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* Murray refers to an old legend in the following words: " Avi quoque paradisiacae in
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supposed to have induced or favoured the attack should, as far as possible,
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an English peer, and showing the effects of the union of
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ment of blood-vessels and by thickening of their external coat ; in many places,
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tube gives us some information of rectal conditions. The
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Jenw, lit. Fickelscherrianis. [1721]. [P., v. 1922.]
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New York &. St. Louis wjMtjM 45 John Street. New York
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2. Symptoms of rheumatic fever: The affected joints
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augenloser und geblendeter Thiere. Wiener Sitzungsberichte mathem.
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by the Chairman of the Committee on Obstetrics; yet, I am
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nected with tubercular and scrofulous disease, especially of bone.
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We do not intend to act as gladiators in any of the amphitheatres
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IOU s printed, gives these to the Trustees, and then,
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patient and her mother was completely gained, and the true
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stupor, pulse firm and rapid, fits of spasms extending even to general