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its relation to tuberculous infection. In this way the nature

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depend upon degenerative changes or other modifications of

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In contrast, the dependable diuresis produced by the organomercurials— resulting

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and abroad has been that of Cholera. Discussions upon

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stance was obtained by the direct use of ammonia. Adrenalin is a basic crys-

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on, and the crust, gradually thickening, slowly changes in color from yellow,

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Pharmacy, Microscopy, and allied sciences, throughout the United States and Canada,

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until the knife is beyond the stricture, the knife is then pushed

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of Hydrogen ; after this, a topic application of Ecthol on absorbent cotton

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Every one knows what slight changes will arrest the progress of

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optic-nerve entrance into line, and the light thrown di-

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an intermittent -per se — after quinia has failed — ^logically

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males, 32. — Accident, 3 — aneurism (of the aoitii), 1 — apoplexy, 1 — asthma, 1 — inflammation

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attention of the medical world, and practically revolutionizing this department of medicine. The author has endeavored to

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of their obligations being widely known will not serve to

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practitioners have favorite "purgatives" which they

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places from cold, have yielded to its depressing influences in the hard

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septicsemia and puerperal fever, and perhaps with typhus. In

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zen roar of the lion for its proper lair and prey — the beggarly croak of the

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one the nodular, skin, hypertrophic or tubercular form and the other the

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Their development takes place very slowly, about ten days elapsing after

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— This begins with the scaly, reddish pimpled patches charac-

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He wrote to her from Aberdeen beseeching her to come back to

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progress, but the renal disorder was much alleviated.

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A Nsw VoLUMR (Vol. XI) commenced with November, 1806; back numbers can be

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razor — which at the examination we found all notched and jagged.

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process; in some cases, however, this is possible by the characteristic shape

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treme vessels ; of which latter, inflammation is the principal develop-

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not been able to note any deleterious influence on the kid-

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Let us then start at the beginning and consider the treatment of

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rial ointments. It forms an excellent healing ointment base, in which any of the

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The meeting of the Public Health Association has proved a success. The

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tem, forms the cold stage of fevers, and is the essential condition of

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fever, the fever made such a rapid ascent from a previous satisfactory