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common. In Ireland in 1854 and in Italy in 1898, the attacks were ex-
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ence, the B. influenzal was not often found in the nose
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always so. " There is something so peculiar," says Fournet, " in
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spared the greatest anxiety and fear of immediate death; and hope for
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hot brandy-and-water. (Quarter to eight, pulse good, 140. Half-past nine
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for preventing it. Besides this prize the International
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cases amounts in a short time to a dozen or more it is perhaps per-
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of its financial grants for student scholarships. The
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which occurs in ordinary atelectasis is prevented by the
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in India Fevlnn n A T ^^P^^^nce, tinea capitis is less common
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and rely upon good diet for the non-appearance of the disease."
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ent cases. In the instances just cited, it was three days. Trousseau cites
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jiroduce, ample evidence to corroborate the truth of
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velopment. Dr. Rigby, however, thinks that ulcerative ab-
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ing from the ear into a vessel placed beneath the table.
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e. Free Distribution Outside the Mail (Carriers or other means)
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Milk punch is more agreeable to many, and should be given.
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under better hygienic conditions, and that even infections with
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cian in a large medical and surgical practice. Newly con-
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could be improved by a Medical Editing Service, the Editor w ill
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ed a grooved director under the bone near the acromion ; and
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The area of softening extended inward to the nucleus lenticularis, and backward
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strung to a different tune. Even in the same species
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axilla, by simple traction, for a few minutes, from the two wrists. In
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This must be of rare occurrence when not caused by pla-
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revealed a dense shadow r corresponding to the dull area at the right base
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exterminate the disease. Osier says "the German army
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dent and Fellows of the State Society, passed an act to establish the