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sTcoTstant discharge of llood-stained or S^ee^^^'^^^^^^^
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unless of recent origin, and provided that other signs of heart
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Mechanical compression of the abdomen, after tapping, by means of a
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ing from the intracellular multiplication in the stomach may
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aemia, does change the function of the organ which it
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(Iceland, Greenland). The usual hosts are the seal, walrus, and dog.
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concentrated and acidulated urine with from one to two
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they were at least 48% longer than the typical 40-hour
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muscular, and mucous. The serous or peritoneal coat covers only
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form projections — pineapple heart, cor villosum, cor tomentosum, etc.
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tive evidence in these 5 cases that the agglutination reactions which
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short time. There was pain across the bridge of the
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formation of glycogen in the liver, there is no doubt that it accumu-
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of the aneurism was explained at the post-mortem by the way the
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utmost. Usually five minutes is long enough, while in the distal
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Ajn-il 27. — Recrudescence of typhus and relapsing fever ten days after
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bandaging the leg. The only change in the treatment
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rated. The pupils are almost always unequal, and they are sluggish. In
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Clarke from notes of 120 cases compiled by McNaught, the ci\dl
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many evils, no medical man is justified in saying that the
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periments on animals of different kinds, by introducing small
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clearer. He reads with few mistakes, but his writing (No. 13) was
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to move into the new clinic before the end of the year.
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ness of nature ruined by education rather than from
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part of the body. The prognosis of suprarenal tumors is
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views, as much as to give a resume of the results thus
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on the pelvic bones. Under these circumstances the weight of the
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ance of 8,464. Each home satisfactorily sanitated becomes cumulative
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an absence, perhaps even for years, symptoms return, without obvious
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on the face. ]\Iost of the fetus was well developed, but small.
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as a remedy for rheumatism, especially of a subacute
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Treatment. — The treatment of intestinal obstruction has not
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ing. Cases of ingravescent apoplexy, commencing with de-
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as the cnly means cf relieving his diftrefs, and, in fome degree,
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obtained from a solution made by macerating and filter-
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Kuester, in 1891, showed his first successful operation
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