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to reduce the mortality in the case of diphtheria from 41.8 per

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in larger quantity, as a rule, if the gastritis be due to a poison. Diarrhoaa

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other cases of this condition appear to he on record.

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causes a rapid evaporation of the fluid so formed. Many

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appearance of anemia or what might be termed pseudo-anemia, (b) a

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fluid, but sometimes the voice may be exaggerated and broacbophonk

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ment it is for one of the following reasons: (i) Because

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tesis of the anterior chamber appears to be especially indi-

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The tricuspid, mitral, and aortic valves were perfectly

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exposed to cold. Instead of inflammation of the chest, diarrhoea not

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exhibits a little cavity of variable extent, usually situated near the

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casein is inscribed, though this is now usually regarded as a

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therapeutic effects of hydriatic applications, the prac-

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Liebreich asserts and Demarquay denies, would l)e most im-

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animals, and plentifully in the secretion of the parotid gland. Hermann

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frequent seat for these growths than the anterior por-

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development, tliey are incapable of producing the disease. "When the cholera

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for a desperate disease, the operation (which has been

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Marks of violence on the head.— It has been elsewhere remarked (ante, p.

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of cases it is not so much an association of the two diseases, but rather that

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European nation, a great part gradually found their way out

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not uncommon to find in the pleural cavity on one side a quantity of liquid

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were fully exposed, were vaccinated, and were all saved.

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nearly every possible form of inflammation of the cellular tis-

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careful to thoroughly isolate the vessels. I lost one patient

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careous just above the semilunar valves. The remainder of the vessel was but

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applied. 3. Cutting away the tumor above the rubber

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and the same object is sought to be accomplished by the sur-