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mtist be the resources of that physician's mind, and very narrow his

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John X. Donaldson, at his home, in Eastaboga, Ala., September 3.

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The method consisted in building up the inner side of

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less according to the importance of their antipyretic action

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methodology is not even sufficient to cover the overhead expenses and inflation. The

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serum to plain broth, is answered in the negative. On the other

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gen over the heated sesquioxide. Dose, gr. j-iij in pill.

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mg. (1 micromilligram) was sufiicient. For the second injection a some-

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of circulation is carried to every part of the organism. Waste

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immediately above it. Mercury was frequently given, either alone or

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in some instances are ana?sthetic. Later they undergo pig-mentation.

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aureus infections: It’s time to get tough. Inf Cont,

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vate institutions for the sick, orphan asylums and foundling-

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that they may be treated without recourse to the knife,

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^vater (3 ij. to 3 iv. of bicarbonate of sodium dissolved in a thirty-

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the eye should affect the sympathetic nerve, and that by that

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active treatment, from having taken large doses of camphor to c^ure

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ulcer, or, in other words, the round, peptic, or hyper-

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arise also in regions inaccessible to the infant. Dr. Pye-Smith, who also

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urine showed that there was a small amount of constant deposit,

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of times each pupil detained during recess or after school

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injured portions of the soft mass of the brain, and give rise to

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ty, its great cheapness should not be left unmentioned, the cost being only 15

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mercurialis to exist as a primary, independent disorder, or under any

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violent pains in the stomach, nausea and vomiting, convulsions.

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solution of cocaine hydrochloride ; care is taken thoroughly to

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in order to determine the dose of uranium which would effect a

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of the cyst was studded with papillary outgrowths, vary-

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and all of them recovered perfectly. The prognosis is certainly veiy

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index 08 ; white cells 13,000 ; polymorphonuclear 76 per cent.,

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106°, but this was explained by dull patches in the lungs. If there be no

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