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powder and Dover's powder given thrice daily instead of pills.

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lie imagined all cancers to develop themselves. Long afterwards it was

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the left ventricle receives less than its proper quantity of blood,

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tina not only kills thousands of children, but is followed

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effectively attended to. It is quite true that it is in towns, and especially

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In the spring of 1889 he " went to pieces fast," had an

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by a ball and fete, given to the members and their lady friends

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neither meat nor fish (during the Easter Lent), nor eggs,

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training. State Civil Service status with associated

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norrhagia, with others amenorrhoea, may occur. It is especially important

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gastric juice, pepsin' also will be found. Should the zymogen alone

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scription of the forms of the organs, their connexions, and po-

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Some new matter has been added ; among other things, a table of

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gynecologic clinic 80^ showed anomalies in position of

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districts in an effort to ascertain not only the actual value of

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Jennings, George Herman L. I. Hosp. Coll., '75 Jewett City.

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and large blotches, some irregular in shape, others round ;

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olism, ^vith loss of weight — all disappear on the

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tersb , 1892, clxxiv, nnoffic. pt., 1. sect.,'279-284,— Bonldiii

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Whitaker, Paul F., Kinston; Med. Coll. of Va., 1922; U.N.C 1922 1924

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treatment of gastric diseases associated with and aggravated by ansemia

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Etiology. — One predisposing cause is delicacy, especially

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about the period of the year occupied by the school

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Adhesive Plaster Strapping for Sprains.— Finley R.

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contraction after it had sufiered absolute loss and disconnection

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onsly ; insanity which has abeady lasted for some time with no improro-

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were noted of cases which had come under his observa-

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There are still other specific effects of remedies, using the

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tee, in which body all the matters pertaining to the work of

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ant agent in furthering the patient's comfort, his ability to resist the

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ed to him, still the proffered assistance was urged in vain —

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under the first nine heads stated in this report. These are

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oil to the use of the tincture of iron when debility

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there are no words answering to justice, sin, guilt.

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not imcommon to see individuals who have one leg covered with

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1876.] Proceedings of Suffolk District Medical Society. 655

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^^ dical extracts, from books not written on profusion al sub-