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examining the field of vision.] Vrach, St. Petersb., 1898,

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tongues, was the universally accepted anatomical text-

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society has at last adopted a code that is a model of its kind, —

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discharge, which continued up to the time of her coming under

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to these conditions combined in various proportions. It is often attended

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administer a rectal injection of a pint of soapsuds to quickly empty

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LITERATURE. — Mohn. Grundrissen der Meteorol. — Hann, Hochstetter, and Pokorny.

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crum — it will pry out the acromial end of the fragment.

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Bome months afterwards, that ear was found to be filled with a hard,

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51 •Bacterlologic Diagnosis of Diphtheria. W. H. Kellogg.

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those of more or less compression of the lungs. There is an extension of the

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for we have added to this fhort catalogue a difeafe which abun-

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help remembering. ," I am disposed, joining hands yet more closely

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comfort," by his presence and what of popularity he had left. In

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Aphtha ix the Mouth. — Decoction of hemlock, six ounces and

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living near each other under the same latitude and in the

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beginning to be expressed, and priests recently re-

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The kidneys were considerably enlarged, but soft and

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no noteworthy influence. The perspiration in healthy

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T | T . Ehees ; all headache ceased aft. 20 min. ^ . Ehl. ;

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dau;fbter of the late J. Sothern, Esq., the Priory, near Liverpool. Xo

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Tirentieth Century Fructice. An International Encyclopiedia

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The question does not interest the city practitioner

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Jefferson College Hospital, writes a correspondent of the

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Protection of Croton Biver.— The annual report of the

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considerable, as in the acute forms of scarlatinal nephritis cannot I think

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and effusion of blood had taken place." This is stated to have been

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Dr. Arthur Giles said that he had long felt that some revision was

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commodates itself to the insufficient supply. The resultant condition is

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mucous membrane and skin at the margin of the anus. They are most

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disabling and pauperising where they did not kill ; and regarding

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Health is capable of far greater accomplishments. On the other hand,

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ducted better at home, if the patients are provided with the means.