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"Milk fever" has probably concealed more cases of infection

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and expectoration. Fever is moderate and irregular and the physical signs

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region of the appendix. The adhesions were absent in one

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the nodule by the knife, as all external treatment was

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infants is transparent, and of a white, tinged with rose. In adult

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per cent.), partly due to the version, but more especially to dragging

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&B, — Can you or any of your readers inform me if a M.RC.S. Eng.

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recognised during life. The importance of the dilatation of certain

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cessant vomiting, the attempt is made to feed a patient by the rectum,

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virtue of his intimate knowledge of the subject. It includes not

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Cleveland; corresponding secretary, William O. Osborn, Cleve-

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there is a continual tendency to circus movements ; the tactile sense is

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that the inflammation accompanying gout, (whether it consist of

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He also said that if only the external os were to be dilated, he

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stool in forty-eight hours as constipation, if this number has been

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229. Mangro Chutney Sauce (Bengal Recipe)— Ingre-

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there in 1771 by Frapolli, of Milan, who applied the name "pel-

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(and a splendid gentleman he was, a man of extraordinary social

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with some defect in resonance not amounting to dulness. .'^t

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coma. Post-mortem examinations revealed opalescence of the arachnoid, increase*!

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we are able to take care of a large percentage of the cases. Of 150

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advantage for antipyretic and other purposes to which the

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genesis of this form of taeniasis. The parasite has been found

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those loyal and life-long friendships for which liis character

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that Halsted's splint had in this case over Buck's extension alone

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strong, incompressible pulse, and the pain is very severe, a blood-letting,

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warranted further examination, an X-ray photograph of the

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there was an absolutely accurate list of physicians

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astonished to find, in my own observation, how seldom the stomach

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do not represent any objects which could have been actually seen