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In no other disease is this symptom so marked, except in developing

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own experience, a common cause is from sunstroke, when the result-

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It is natural that micro-organisms should be regarded with dread

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chanical interference with the passage of the gastric contents. (4) In all

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by the person himself, for no one else can do it for him. Thus, when

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the hands are used with the firmest pressure in temporal or frontal

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rule in abdominal timiors, that they spring from the region where no

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one or other of the various "extraneous" organisms which

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the spinal cord from the fourth ventricle down to the conus medullaris

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resorted to early, because not infrequently the patient may remain

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A diminution of the strength of the radial pulse during

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we have evidence that their ettects are in some way the result

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detected, the symptoms being regarded as efl'ects of disuse or

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genital syphilis, in which cases the tissues may literally swarm with