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Dog No. 134. — June 3, 1909: Poured into nose (strain No. 109).

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By referring to these tables the normal weight of the person can be

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Little good, however, was done by these means, for at the end of

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intestinal tract, our first care must be to cleanse and disinfect the mouth.

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suspension, and standardized leukocytic suspension are incubated

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It is a striking coincidence that in three diseases produced by micro-organisms which apparently can*

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for a shorter time, injected into very young animals, coupled vdth the difference of

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gave a negative result. In this case the animal was from the dog

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or less indurated udders show four tests where the cells were so badly clumped as to

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egg, was exposed. This mass had a distinct neck passing

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rubber tube must be replaced by one ending in a Y. The puncture is

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When it does follow an abnormally high curve, it is difficult to

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was so situated as to converge towards this unchangeable direction

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by which the number of summers they have lived may be calcu-

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Fruit: 1 small slice of melon, 1 small sour apple, 1% peaches,

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times takes long walks in the environs of Heidelberg. The reason

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and that cholera had no power in 1856 or 1861 to pass beyond the

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ciples in therapeutics. It has been urged, that to increase the

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Dr Bennett remarked that the diagnosis of a disease should not be

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fever. The disease was not confined to certain dormitories ; almost

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there may exist such a disordered condition of the intellectual

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EoYAL College of Physicians of Edinburgh. — At the annual

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control of the patient by means of repeated reactions. At present

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tlie " Enchiridion Medicum," the " Vermachtniss einer funfzigjiilir-

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hydrates and fats. For instance, we give butter, or sometimes another

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and also of the blood microscopically. The edge of the spleen was

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preparations. There are also a number of finely ground meals in which

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abdominal parietes or per vaginam, has ruptured the fragile

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the therapy; but foods very rich in carbohydrates (sugar, sweets) should

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to these sciences is an approach to a scientific basis for medicine,

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lated town, he yet advocated their permission in such exceptional

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prevent as far as possible the re-creation of it ; and in practice

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Second Week. — Warm salt bath % per cent. (3 lb. to 50 gal.) plus 14

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■wdnds in summer, less in winter (especially if there is snow), winds

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Uragmic symptoms may also arise, and may be treated in the usual

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Only when these have disappeared, and when the temperature has re-

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that the conditions in Boston and Gottingen are not markedly different.

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Potato. — A fairly large, soft, moist, light-brown growth spreading over the sur-

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a good deal of rain and snow (except above a certain height), strong

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gestion, or transient interference with the cerebral circulation, and