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proved to be sometimes the effect of contagion and this I think I
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the year 1886, in his State. If these results do not
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were the separate buildings well supplied with running
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Other casualties occasionally happen ; the trocar has sometimes
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normal on the setting in of diaphoresis, or diarrhoea,
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mogastric and phrenic nerve-filaments, adds greatly to the distress.
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cortical centres to cope with work which has been too early expected of
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also occurred in severe cases of dengue ; though from the favorable
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the attachment of the vermiform appendix to the intestine,
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while most of those which had hitherto escaped suffered in their turn.
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ketogenic) capacity. The antiketogenic factor for fat is based
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For the radical cure of thoracic aneurysm, when the plan of treatment
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one cavity of the pleura, the patient ordinarily lies
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on the most trivial exposure to heat, east wind, and the like, or with-
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pulse-rate diifereut on the two sides. Referring to Mr.
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Trist, and E. Yagle. Pp. 580; 7 illustrations. Philadelphia:
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of the simple or the compound type will remain an open question
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depends is likewise a i^redisposing factor in the production of lupus
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cially the pouring of cold water in a stream upon the
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2. Koch, W. : Ueber die Struktur des oberen Cavatrichters und seine Bezie-
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and finds it good both for himself and his patients. He
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