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eral convolutions. The pons Varolii is made np of white

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Webb's attenuated bacilli, or the turtle or cold-blooded animal bacilli ;

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" make allowances" for the faults and foibles, and even the crimes of

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time which must elapse, since the onset of the syphilis and

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observers, that a sloughing ulcer is apt to take place at the upper part of the

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2. On the Three Common Intestinal Entamehge of Man and

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ex-Minister of France and an untiring promoter of social hygiene.

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cated upon one side of dilatation in the oesophagus, so

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As the empirical determination of the volume depends

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harmed by the parasites which they harbor and which are pathogenic

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the best man to whom to send a gynecological case. The

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that woman, and her diseased uterus, had been handed about

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of the left side of the face. The ice-bag was continued until

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contrary, it has been shown that in a large proportion of cases their

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Two consequences would inevitably follow, viz., first

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Medicine in Japan. — Among the questions the profes-