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Pathogenesis. — The pathogenesis of malarial and toxic hsemoglobinuria

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" Fourth. All water-closets and urinals in steamboats

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is hard, sometimes full and bounding, often small, wiry, and

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in an abscess. In the cavity of the pelvis a similar process may take

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to decide whether the atrophy is local, or the expression of a general

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in and about the mouth. In calves and lambs the mortality

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striking feature of the root is its very strong odour, which very much

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already been cited. In a case of Korte 2 per cent, of sugar was found

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tion after death. The whole attention of the operator appears

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flora, the Lemna Minor, and the Fucus Natans, had more or

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much gTeater impression on the pulse than when the orifice in

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throat and nose, sometimes by violent sternutation. The

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was also a distinct pre-systolic murmur within the apex, having the blubber-

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than intramuscular gold therapy,® which remains the

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Vol. HI. Chronic Infectious Diseases. Prof. Christian Baumler, of Er-

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DrNLor, J., M.D., Staff Burgeon, at Up Park Camp, Jamaica, on J

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Judd's words, ''embraced all that Dr. Class sets fortli aud°

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alved; rinse again; sterilize with boiling water or steam; then keep inverted in

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Viruses Infectious Miasms Venoms Poisons, palpable, and impalpable or

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quite tightly, and the limb seemed to be more comfortable, there being

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the friction of two surfaces of rough leather, or even unpolished wood. It

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Tuberculosis is like syphilis in being hereditary, and in its variable and long-

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this treatise was submitted to the judgment of the Medical

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ble to the kidneys, except the passage of blood from the bladder. He