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eral a-adrenergic blockade. These include, anti-diuresis, a general picture of
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viously performed gastroenterostomy, often of many years' standing,
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le Trog. Aubryi, aussi bien que la Gorilla, au niveau des Macaques et des
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examiners comprising the unit may all be busy at the same time.
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Case V. — Woman, aged thirty-five years. BlacMsh tumor,
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nection only state facts which have come under my own
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hydrochloricnni, ein neues locales Auastheticnm. Therap.
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ent introduction to the study of microbes in their relation
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Among the subscriptions intimated towards the end of May
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cess, and report a large percentage of recoveries. Under such
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Ericsen drew my attention to one exercise which has, I think,
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the a/on, envisioned as "sweet" and "trickling away" like honey (Od.
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4th and 5th of November, 1842 ; was principal medi-
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excellent memoirs published by Delpech, in his Chirurge Clinique de Mont-
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may induce disorders by leading to neglect of the means of preserving
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which would be the most trying to their feelings, viz., the necessity of
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to the conclusion that it was the duty of all of us, if our Society is worthy
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seen by the writer this accident took place; the operation
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ness of eddyism. It is as Dr. Murphy said of that other
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confidentiality of medical records including information
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mistaken for that of horse-radish; and, accordingly,