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tions on the valves. The auriculo -ventricular orifices, especially on the right side,
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methods of investigation. Tbis view was sustained clinically by
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skin was bathed in a cold sweet. The voice became husky and
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ne great risk in all these cases is, that the effects of disease mayjbe mistaken
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ance of various animals as to variations in the toxicity of the
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11, 8.59. — C'etiiarowica-. (S.) Przypadek \vrzod6w hicz-
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tific care of the chemist until it raaches the patient, its life is zealously guarded —
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of pearl-l)arky, was observed. Its surface was abra-
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records in these cases, and while the immediate effects of procedures
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specific gravity, 1.018, reaction faintly acid, no albuipin
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made continuous by passing vapor of alcohol through heated sul-
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quickly, than ordinary persons ; but in two cases which I have observed
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professor of forensic medicine. Konigsberg : Dr. R. Pfeiffer
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head ; and in Europe, at 200,000,000 head. The ravages of
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pubes. As labor progresses the upper segment contracts
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their faith that State care must necessarily remedy all
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half a volume of blood and diluting as before to the 101 mark, which
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If not successful, another efficient measure consists in compressing the
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part of the paper was concluded by some interesting remarks on ovariotomy
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Beil,, 1899, xvii, 404-4d6.— Celli (A.) Delle uostre sos-
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Dr. Samuel Thomson, inventor of liie Botanic System
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practice. Dr. Jamieson was for many years editor of the
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Dr. Murray says the thyroid may be given raw in doses varying from one-eighth
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These, then, are the eye .symptoms which are encountered in
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