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non-irradiated and irradiated tissues at the depth of half an inch.
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be concentrated but condensed by means of focal lenses.
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equipment the new hospital has cost the town about $90,000,
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Case CLXX.* — Acute Nejihro-Pyelitis — Recovery.
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there is increased distension of the blood vessels and increased
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Sc. Month., iSf. Y., 1890-91, xxxviii, 222-229. — Payne
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every two hours, all of which she retained e.Kcept the first one.
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A recent visit to the Mayo Clinic aroused my interest in blood trans-
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nation. June 24, 1857.— Ur. W. T. Coster, Central London District Schools,
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modern name. Cases have also been published by Dubreuilh and others ;
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difficulty after being partly broken up, the whole mass weighing nine drachms.
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ting at rest the question that Belladonna had been used. On asking
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