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one of the metropolitan fire-engines, with which he
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important, and in which a radical operation may be most confi-
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congested than usual, the brain was sufficiently healthy.
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As soon as the line of demarcation had been established between the dead and living
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of some cases of phlebitis, different from any he has found on
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sults of my own practice, is of considerable importance.
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the nerve-centres by intense peripheral irritation, or upon congestion or
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ance. Urine presents the same characters as formerly, and contains chlorides in
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as possible should be given, the surgeon should operate quickly,
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beadducecj; but they amply serve my purpose. I will now show
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we had seen a number of such cases in the clinic at the
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Backus, Ogden, 67 S. Fitzhugh St., Eochester, Monroe Co.
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recognized burn center. Capacity: A hospital census
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surgical, and should be instituted as soon as the diagnosis can
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there is one journal that takes a higher stand than would be imagined
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doubt that, in all cases where a medical brother in
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to neuritis. t On the other hand, the case described by Revilliod as
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its side. A larger one is then introduced, and allowed