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etc., the canula being allowed to remain in until the water,
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steps ought at once to be taken to abate this evil, and I sincerely
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sequently it was suggested that all Italian medical men should
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extremely chronic ; the less mental derangement the
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Abercrombie. But so far is this theory concerning the circulation within
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ensack, N. J., September 30. — Dr. John T. Grimes, Hagers-
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Sisters of the Fraternity of the said Chapel ov Hospital, and of its
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The work of the Congress will begin in the nineteen sections
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Medical Sciences, care of Mr. Henry C. Lea, Philadelphia. Parcels directed as
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three or four hours, it is because strangulation is so far
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of the uterus than the healthier fibre, give way ; hence we find
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Unfortunately, there is for many a more melancholy history — a more
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grave character of peritonitis. The prognosis in the mildest cases
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liarities in the nature of the irritation, or that of the
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we differ vastly in our physical make-up and constitution
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it is certain that for persons who have been once aff'ected in this Avay,
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should differ firom those of a healthy person who voluntarily drinka
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is possible to discover any eruption with the eye which, in about three
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Joseph Batch, Jr. apothecary, Providence, R. I. ; Charles Hooker, M.D. New Ha-
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bo carried out with the patient lying, sitting, or standing,
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For one pill. To be taken twice a day as a tonic for
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well, have no well-defined malady. They complain of languor, lassitude,
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is primarily due to the pcMisonous substances excreted by
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