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the unne, (a) simple errors of diet, (6) unusual or unnatural exercise of the

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necessary. Occasionally lavage gives relief. Hot applications or mustard

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leaving a non-granidar surface. The cortex is swollen and pale yellow or

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The Application and the Medical Report. — An applicant must make

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in the line of a probable infective cause, to consider that the acute type shows

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- to exiiect. We must await further evidence hefore a final \erdict i-.

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lihilJil Mi'lllnili/illicili III' lliiisr in ^iilutinn lilllN lir iili(;iil|ri| I'iiiily iicrii

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with a:-rays and belladonna carried out. According to Kocher, high blood

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tions are: Liquor thyroidei, B. P., freshly prepared, 100 minims represent

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♦'^•''*''''*''- ■' " "'•^- •'"•■ '■Xiinipl.'. at th.. sain.. tiiii<> as ih.- appciran.-i. ..i

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the results of a reduction in the nitrogenous intake are usually harmful, and

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referable to pressure exerted by the deep glands upon the surrounding

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the condition was erroneously drawn because it was made from the study of

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So often is this condition combined with giant growth that Sternberg

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my series there were three cases in which this was a special feature. Thus,

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Simon gave a great impetus to renal surgery by performing the first extirpa-

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elderly women which is worthy of note. In such patients the process may

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inserted at the bottom of the application sheet, as it often contains matters

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Guyon's stilet to facilitate introduction of catheter in prostatic hypertrophy.

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tlicicl'orc a delay in the passajje nl' the wave to the auricle, which iinl

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is extensive gangrene. Monro reports the case of a man admitted with

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athy are not all the same, and that it is a question whether the clubbed

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although in milder forms. These can be spoken of as toxic thyroiditis or

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inflanunation. The more we learn of the gonococcus the more does it appear

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relaxed esoplia>rus. As these .jerky contra<'tions are continued, tlie <,'astrie

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Mini til lU ■■iilit.'iiiiiiit; iill lllillMliill V liil'U'i' iiliiiiillit III' lirli|i>i.'liilMi

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practically identical in the two portions examined. In the fifth case, after

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internal capsule, is like the ordinary "stroke of apoplexy," and needs no