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strong enough to encapsulate the central part of the nodule and

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indurated masses in the breast were no longer to be felt. The glands in the

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living in a private boarding house in this city had scarlatina. The mother

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To put will into bodily action is the cure for asthma. Will is

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tion quickly, due to the destruction of ulceration or to the presence of

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ment of this illness, there was weakness of all the

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tion of clinical medicine in the hospitals. The seventeenth century

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hours in the neuralgic amount, but by following up the

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Teased preparations from the tongue, the diaphragm and

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out; they are then parboiled in brine strong enough to float an

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In the Crimean war, and during the late war in this country,

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an unduly persistent contraction after the excitation has been discontinued.

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ease. Alcoholism. Food and drink. Exposure to the sun. Chilling

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reported as well as an increased incidence of throm-

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swelling to enable me to detect the offending body. It was

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American addition to our anatomical libraries, where-

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found during coma. In 3 cases of this kind Magnus-Levy's initial

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probable supposition is that this maximum dilatation of the vessels

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largely ; second, iron as a special remedy, the effect of which in increasing

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was give peroxide of hydrogen and sol. lister gargles.

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administration of food and beverage at long intervals.

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formed part of the Royal Procession. W^e suppose the rules

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cases an injured artery. It does not usually occur be-

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mainly in the course of the transverse and longitudinal sulci, is extremely

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interval. Had a second miscarriage 6 months later of a 3 months '

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stuffs available from the land. Wheat is their staple food, but

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that there was dulness in the right base and that she had pneu-

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earlier date than the cough, we may infer, with a certain degree 6f oonfi-

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mal resistance. The patient was poorly nourished and

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to report several such cases to C. F. Barber (Brooklyn