If you are looking for a trumpet, look no further.  Here is a selection of pocket trumpets and other student trumpets.  The pocket trumpets come in a variety of colors, one sure to please you.  Our other trumpets will make excellent student trumpets and are made with quality materials.  They also come in the same variety of colors.  Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned musician, you are sure to find a trumpet that's right for you in our selection of pocket trumpets and student trumpets.

Pocket Trumpet


$249.99   $185.99
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Pocket Trumpet    Small and Powerful Full Size Voicing with Accurate Intonation Same size tubing as a standard trumpet. The perfect... More



$229.99   $145.99
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  Trumpet IDEAL FOR THE BEGINNER TO INTERMEDIATE AND LOVED BY PROFESSIONALS Comfortable Keys with faux Mother of Pearl Inlays Copper Mouth Piece... More