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point somewhat lower than the uppermost level reached by the water

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sonnel and equipment, failure of community support, traffic

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rose to 101° F on the day following admission. The patient

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Approved in accordance with the recommendation of the Reference

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off fulminating signs and symptoms of hemoperitoneum.

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belief that until this Society develops a rational policy toward

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She occupies the ground floor of a damp house. When a

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The patient placed himself entirely in my hands, and I at

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administer, and dispense laetrile upon the written request of the

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The ligature was tied, as I believe, in a reef-knot, and a

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Case 4 — A 62-year-old female was operated on and found

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College of Physicians, November 9, 1977. Dr. Chinard may be

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"requires" for the words "encourages voluntary" to read:

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without support. His gait was not ataxic. He walked

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tion of Oxygen.— Rupture of tin- Sciatic Nerve.—

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In streptococcal Pneumonia following Measles, MacCallum {})

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1877 Gould, A. Peaece, M.S. (C), Assistant Surgeon to

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School; consulting pediatrician, Kings County Hospital Center and

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tests includes oral, skin and eye, inhalation, aquatic, and

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which I can demonstrate that the villi have a network of

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rates declined by 39 percent among blacks, whereas there

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Effects of marihuana on man. Pediatr 56: 134-143, 1975.

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