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symptoms, such as dvspepsia, flatulence, and case of poisoning by phosphorus.

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where it is termed macroglossia or macrocheilia, as the case may be.

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tion, is not unusual. Neighboring lymphatic glands become inflamed

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The diagnosis between pleurisy with ett'usion and cancer of the lung or

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the abscess and its wall, thoroughly cleansing the wound and closing the

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ternally.^ Adherent pericardium usually strengthens the sac, whicli varies

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place in the peritoneal cavity, tapping should be promptly resorted to,

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tients a stooping posture which is habitual. The muscles of the neck are

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food. In cardialgia, the symptoms are referred to the epigastrium alone,

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embolism following endocarditis. In young girls gangrene is apt to

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may resist for a long time, while the old and children very quickly suc-

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can not be relieved, tenotomy of these muscles may be done with ad-

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the paroxysms of dyspnoea, with less distress in breathing during intervals,

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is comparatively slow, and excessive tympanitis is very rare. Vomiting

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of the scar squeezes the blood out of the capillary loops, when the scar

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Abdominal Aorta. — Ligation of the abdominal aorta, according to

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plasmic action is under the control of the nervous system, a supposition

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Poupart's ligament, one leg being the outer border of the rectus muscle,

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years. Many cases will get well in four or five months after abscess has

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conditions. Solutions of carbonate of soda, or, better, lithia or the Carls-

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agreeable odors. If bacteria do not enter the tissues mummification

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in pneumonia than in any otlicr disease' At tlic commencement of the

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fever, the temperature often reaching 105° F. The countenance assumes

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give a rheumatic history. The violence with which the valves are closed

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fatal. When the patient has passed the middle period of life, there is great

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ried beyond the calf of the leg. Barton's bandage, or a figure-of-8 of

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of itself, mixed infection usually occurs, which is followed by hectic

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been given for the management of acute hepatic hypertemia. Local blood-

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have been known to lead to their rupture, causing death. Three and one-

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to those which occur in connection with valvular heart lesions, and give

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the spread of the gangrene, a bright red line — a line of demarcation —

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manner as was proposed when they occur as complications of typhoid fever.

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surface is smooth, it adheres firmly to the vocal cords and the upper part

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This a condition characterized by the presence of both air and fluid in

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which is generally fatal, will follow. Little can be clone in the way of

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phageal cancer is present, but is never induced by non-malignant stricture.

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with blood from the very first. ^Even at the end of this stage there some-

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Differential Diagnosis. — The peculiar pyriform thickening over the aryte-

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the stomach with subsequent suppurative pylephlebitis. The progressive in-

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of sodium, calcium, and magnesium ; carbolic and salicylic acids ; the oil

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all infectious diseases, whether it be the bacterium itself or its ptomaine,

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larged, the latter more than the former ; if the solitary glands rupture, the