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in the late afternoon hours, the patient's sufferings increasing steadily
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London. \'i(nna. luiiiic ^ladrid, Boston, Xew York, and Phila-
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and well can spend a pleasant winter or make a pleasant home.
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and New Mexico are especially to be mentioned, combining as they do in
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December 20th. — Eats light pudding. Sacral wound healed.
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The prtinellos are plums, sometimes called prunelles. They
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Whiskey. — Probably whiskey is the safest of the spirits to
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and pulp, discarding only the seeds. Most of the California
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tine in a nut-shell. How did it come about that Public Health
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in a form suitable to the physiological requirements of the in-
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The Ontario Medical, under the i>residency of Doctor Casgraiu.
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lows a slight regurgitation of blood through the imperfectly
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procedure, based on Schuller's experiments, is the Neptune girdle at
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increased number from spleen and liver and bone marrow ?
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puration. Its being straight is objectionable sometimes.
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or eight examinations. To verify this observation, Brunner experi-
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Thus, with care in detail, we can get an article which some-
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sometimes found in our literature : The editor of a popular medical
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(2) Non-progressive Cavities. — Quiescent cavities are usually small,
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they are as thoroughly alive and responsive and capable of vigorous
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lowed by a gradual reaction with a more or less rapid rise of the sur-
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The mode of infection is probably by inhalation. The first and chief
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two years, when it was killed accidentally, it had thrived and
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times blood-cells. Relapses into the stage of collapse may occur and be
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tract, and are thus disseminated through the air, the disease being most
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bacillus, usually of a length about equal to one-third the diameter of a
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Xotliing so tries the skill and aliility of most i;ciiL-ral luac-
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a way that the knee is only extended by it from the right-angled
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five. Thus the importance again of carrying out all the minute
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out of place. The frequent repetition of such injections, in conditions
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these authorities, like all other well-informed physicians, regard the
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Plymouth Rocks; brown Leghorns, buff Leghorns, white
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tliat occur so imiforiuly with the onset of the tvpe of iutluenzii
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I know practically something, for I have a vineyard of my
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has just emerged from an air bath of 150° F., or comes from a room